Terms and conditions

1. General

The general terms and conditions are the basis for cooperation between CargoCore and the user. After reading and accepting the terms and conditions stated below, the user irrevocably and permanently grants consent to all changes to CargoCore terms and conditions and undertakes to act in line with the existing provisions. Where the user does not agree to changes in the terms, the user must notify CargoCore of it withdrawing from cooperation in writing within eight days.

2. Object of contract

For a periodic payment CargoCore grants the user the right to use software and access to Webpage. The stated software, where not otherwise agreed, allows the user to make offers for free load capacity and cargo and review the offered load capacities and cargo for international road transport by using the CargoCore database. This offer is not valid when the server used by CargoCore is not operating due to technical or other reasons beyond the control of CargoCore and if it is unavailable or if maintenance work is being carried out on the server.

3. Copyright

This web page is the property of CargoCore or its licensers and is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.
It is not allowed to modify, copy, store, reproduce, rent, licence, distribute, sell, publish or circulate any information, service, product or software as obtained from the Webpage without the exclusive written autorisation of CargoCore.
It is allowed to print off pages from the web page to the extent reasonably necessary for your use of the web page.

4. User fee

The user pays the user fee for 30 days based on the invoice no later than 5 days before expiration client account. Invoices for additional services rendered by CargoCore need to be settled immediately. If the user is late in effecting payment by more than 7 days, CargoCore shall be entitled to terminate access to the database. Compensation for services and counter claims are excluded.

5. Users Duties of Care

The log-in data provided by the CargoCore have to be kept in a safe place and shall be revoked from access by third parties. The disclosure of the user rights and the relevant data to third parties who are not contracting parties or acting for them is prohibited.The user has to use the system in an adequate way and must avoid any excessive loading of the technical infrastructure which might affect the security and functionality. The data of other users that is provided by the provider may only be used by the user for application purposes of the advertised service. Further use of the complete or the partial use of data in any form is prohibited. Any contents in text form, picture or other digital form within the domains of the freight exchanges provided on demand are subject to the copyright of the provider. The further use of printed or digital forms particularly, as well as the description of one or more pages in frames or the technical facilitation of such a description is prohibited.The automatic data recall which is provided under the above mentioned domains by the provider is only allowed by means of a software interface installed for this purpose.

6. Guarantees and liability

CargoCore guarantees that the software exclusively satisfies the purpose stated in the instructions for use. All the rest are only non-binding recommendations. CargoCore in particular does not guarantee the accuracy of data entered by other users or the compatibility of software the users use. CargoCore is not responsible for damage suffered by users through intentional or conscious negligence. CargoCore is not responsible for damage users cause to one another. The user releases CargoCore from any financial liability incurred in the event of the user not using the software in accordance with these provisions. CargoCore shall not be responsible  for harmful software or programme codes (viruses) which are played onto the user platform by users or are transmitted in their offer attachments or descriptions and spread from these. The user shall be directly liable for the fact that he does not transmit such harmful software.

7. User complaints

In a case CargoCore receives information on a user who intentionally or through negligence not respects the obligations from the transport contracts, CargoCore is entitled but not obligated to deal with complaints and inform the injured party about findings. CargoCore has a special department to deal with complaints and objections. CargoCore can inform its findings to users via the Internet and store them in its databases (bonus lists).

8. Contract duration,termination,final provision

The user has a right of using the CargoCore online freight exchange free-of-charge for 30 days following the registration of membership to the CargoCore online freight exchange. The contractual relationship starts when the user accepts the terms of use displayed on the Web pages and registers. The agreement is valid for 30 days and if neither party terminates it is continually further extended. During this period both parties are entitled to immediately terminate the agreement. The provider reserves himself the right to disable the access to the freight exchanges in case of a violation against the obligations to perform and against the breach of a standard of conduct outlined in this agreement. This shall particularly apply in case of an incorrect or an incomplete data entry, repeated unauthorized platform entries, delay or charge back, interference of technical procedures, impairment of the rights and interests of other users, opening of insolvency proceedings in regard to the property of a user or in the grounds of a significant reason for termination. For the purposes of greater legal protection CargoCore can subsequently send the agreement to the user for signing and the user is obliged to return it signed and stamped within the prescribed term. The right to use is valid from the day of registration to the CargoCore online freight exchange to such a time as the agreement is terminated.In case of termination of the agreement, the user is obligated to stop using the software. CargoCore can enter warnings with respect to agreement termination into the database.